Early Onset Dementia


The title of this post might make you think I did something stupid again. This time I want to talk about stupid things others do.

Frankly I find New Years events boring. I find the forced requirement to have a great time wearying. And boring. Probably the most interesting thing for us this  day on New Years Eve was an interview with some young people lining up to get the best standing room places in Times Square in New York. For security reasons no one was allowed to bring an umbrella to the event even though it was going to be cold and wet. Heavy rains were expected.  Even worse, there were at best inadequate toilet facilities. Anyone who left to attend to urgent person business would likely lose their prime spot for the show. Then the line up would be for naught. The television interviewer asked the group of young people ‘How many of you are wearing diapers?’ They were all young people, but all, sheepishly raised their hands. Everyone of the young people was wearing a diaper! This event was so important to them that they would stand in line for hours to get the best place to stand without an umbrella in the rain and wearing diapers because it was likely they would be unable to use toilets. If this is not early onset dementia what is?

Boring people like us stood in no lines and were asleep by 10:30. That was probably the earliest I went to sleep all year.

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