Why a Blog?

Absolutely no one has asked for it, but I have decided to produce it–a blog. For years I have wanted to write down and collect my thoughts on various subjects and to include, from time to time, some photographs. That way I can send out a link to people that might (I know probably not) be interested and they could look if they wanted to and ignore it if they don’t. It is all good. My feelings won’t be hurt if friends don’t look. After all I rarely go to blogs. Why would anyone be interested?

However this way if there is any interest, people can take a peek. The opinion will be mine, based on experience, reading opinions of others, and discussions with friends. That way I can collect and organize my thoughts. So this blog is primarily for me.

Someone criticized me when they heard I intended to create a blog. “Why do you think you are so important that you need a blog,” I was asked. I am not that important. That is not the point.

When David Suzuki turned 80 years of age he said the job of elders was to impart to others what wisdom they had gathered. Elders don’t need to suck up to anyone for jobs or money or anything else. They are finally free to say what they want, even if others don’t like it or don’t care. No one has to listen. No one has to agree. Suzuki said we elders should get off the golf course and tell others what we have learned. So that is what I want to do.

I also hope to generate some discussion so that I can learn from others and so that others can correct me. I know I make lots of mistakes so others can help. Please do.

So look if you want. Comment if you like. Or ignore what I produce. You are still my friends. I hope.