Best Covers Ever


One day on our drive from Steinbach to Arizona, we listened to National Public Radio in the mornings and my own personal Play list of my own recordings some afternoons.  Listening to interesting conversations or great music makes the miles melt away on a long trip. With all modesty I claim that my play list is the best play list in the world! Chris’ only complaint was that I did not have enough Bob Dylan tunes on it. OK that was fake news.

I noticed that in addition to original recordings I also had some great covers. My personal favorite cover was “Fields of Gold” originally written and recorded by Sting and covered by Eve Cassidy. I recommend it highly. In fact, I challenge my Facebook and blogging friends to come up with their favorite covers. By cover I mean a new recording of a hit by another artist.  It must have been a hit the first time around. I have a few other favorites, and promise to give an incredible prize to anyone who names one of my 3 other favorites. I hope people will participate. Don’t be shy. Live boldly.

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