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Vaccine Creators are Heroes


Thanks to people who are resistant to taking vaccines, the Vaccine creators have not been given the credit they deserve. Maurice Hilleman created more than 40 vaccines  and saved millions of lives in the process. He was the Chief vaccine scientist at Merck & Co.  Big Pharma in other words. We should celebrate him.  David Von Drehle, of the Washington Post,  put vaccines into perspective for us:

“Vaccination is not a choice. It’s a responsibility. Just as we pay gasoline taxes to use the roads, we suffer an occasional pinprick to live healthier lives than our pre-vaccine forebears.  It is the very small price for very large gains. Are you hideously scarred by smallpox? Born deaf and blind from rubella? Paralyzed by polio?  Did you die in your 20s coughing your lungs out from tuberculosis?  Probably not, because you live in the age of vaccines.”


Just today I heard a scientist say on CBC radio, that when this is over we will realize that the science that brought us the vaccines so quickly and efficiently is equivalent to the scientific achievement that put a man on the moon.

We have a lot to be grateful for. We should show it. Don’t thank Dr. Google. He has not helped. Thank the people who brought us the vaccines.