Vancouver Island: From Sooke to Port Renfrew


They say that Vancouver Island is the place “where the rain forest meets the sea.” WE travelled a part of Vancouver Island, from Sooke where we were staying to Port Renfrew on the western side of the island.


Our first stop was Whiffen Spit where we took a long walk along the curling (meandering) spit. it reminded me of Point Pelee. I loved the smell of the sea and the sound of the gulls.  We saw a seal meandering in the bay.

This was a lovely bunch of flowers growing out of an ancient log on the beach.

Stef and Charli


We made a brief stop at Sandust Beach where Chris did a very stupid thing. She walked down the path after Stef said, “It starts off flat.”  This was true. It did start that way but it did not end that way!  Gradually it got steeper and steeper and this made it impossible for Chri with her store bought knee and hip. She walked almost all the way down before coming to her senses.  it was  particularly treacherous where the path consisted of mangled twisted roots.

At the end of the drive we reached Port Renfrew. This felt like the real west coast. Rustic, relaxing, casual, beautiful. It felt like I was at the end of the world not just the end of Vancouver Island.

After exploring the dock at the end of the bay, looking at gulls, dreaming about what was across the bay, (we had been told it was the start of the famous West Coast Trail) we got to Renfrew Pub. Here they advertised, “Wilderness within Reach.”  That seemed entirely true.


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