The Wild Orchid of Buffalo Point


When I was starting out in the world of wild orchids I had heard about an orchid that could be found only in one place in Manitoba—Buffalo Point.  And I had a cottage there. What luck!  But it took me a few years to find it. I even enlisted the help of my sons. I had to bribe them of course. I promised them a magnificent reward of $5 to the son who found them. But all to no avail. They never found them. Neither did I. At least I never found them until I got help. Friends gave me instructions on where they had been found. What a treat when I finally found them.

This year after my second trip to the Tall Grass Prairie When we got back to Buffalo Point I could not wait to see the Small Purple fringed orchid (Platanthera psycodes). Conditions were absolutely ideal for photography. There was no harsh sun, no wind, and not bugs! And I was ready with my new tripod quick release that did not creep! Most of the flowers were in very good condition. One  even had a spider on it waiting for prey. I had not even noticed it at first.

Of special note and excitement one specimen was white and purple! Imagine that a purple-fringed orchid that is mainly white. wonders never cease in the world of wild flowers.  I just kept shooting images. I think I got my very best images of this orchid ever! I was a happy guy.

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