The end of civilization as we know it?


Is this the end of civilization, as we know it? Today after a few days of wringing our hands and contemplating what to, we made the big decision. We decided to pack up our kit bag and head out to Tiperarry.  Home in other words. Today we heard the Canadian government say that Canadians who were out of the country should return home “while we could do that.”  What did that mean? Was it possible they would not allow us back into the country? Impossible. Right?

Yesterday, my neighbour Gary, told us that a local Ammo store here in San Tan Valley had a 2 hour waiting line to get in. Why were people stocking up on ammunition? Here in Arizona, everyone has a gun or rifle. Why were these people worried about running out? Were they worried that the revolution was about to begin?

I also thought about the fact that grocery stores were out of food. As of yesterday, the Fry’s store nearby  had many empty shelves. We had tried for about 5 days in a row to get toilet paper. Why were people hoarding toilet paper. Food that I could understand. But I was mystified that toilet paper was sold out for 5 days in a row. I heard it was just as bad in Canada. This is not an America phenomenon.

I also know that when people are out of food things start getting serious. If your family was out of food what would you do? There is no telling what we would do. I suspect societal norms would be insignificant in such circumstances.

I had earlier gone to buy paper napkins when we could not get toilet paper. Chris called this hoarding. But we were just buying enough to cover our journey home if we could not find any. Is that hoarding?

This made me think. Are we approaching the end of civilization as we know it? Surely not. But who ever thought that grocery stores in the U.S. or Canada  would be empty of most supplies. This was inconceivable. But, inconceivable or not, the grocery shelves were empty.

That was why Chris emailed some friends that  were going home because I was worried that people with guns would invade our home to get our paper napkins Crazy. Right? But aren’t empty shelves in grocery stores crazy too? What would you do if your family was hungry and you desperately needed food? Or toilet paper?  Invade my house?

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  1. The lineup at Costco for toilet paper extended from the “rear” of the store, down 6 miles of aisles, out through the lobby, and into the parking lot. I got there an hour before it opened, and would have had to wait outside for the doors to open, because the lobby was full. I weaseled my way closer to the inside door, and ended up getting my TP at about 10 o’clock. The lady at checkout said that the day before they had sold over 40,000 units of TP. By the time I got home, I was wiped.

    1. I guess things are getting pretty shitty in Canada too. And we thought we were smart than the Americans? I sure wish the Eatons Catalogue was still available.

  2. johnny boy

    for answers to the tp runs consult uncle sigmund of vienna fame.
    as for civilization, it is always useful to keep in mind that it has visited a decidedly limited part of the species, even unto this day. so for the rest it is just business, minus civilization, as usual.
    as for arizona and ammo shopping, i have been saying for some time, something i never would have said before the ascendancy of the orange one, that “the states” are ripe for a civil war.
    on that count plus the corona scenario and ensuing economic fall-out which might take some time to resolve, i suspect the number of snowbirds flying south might become much more limited.
    our standard of living has been dependent on the sinking sand of debt and leverage for “x” decades anyway, and that was bound to unwind. this should hasten the economic/financial eschaton a tad.
    btw, your purchase of napkins was perfectly logical.

    1. When Gandhi was asked what he thought about Western Civilization he said he thought it would be a good idea. I do not yet agree that America is ready for another civil war, but is deeply concerning about how divided they are. Political opponents are considered enemies. Republicans can’t stand the thought of one of their children marrying a Democrat and vice versa. It is getting scary, especially in states where they have so many guns. Two Americans told me this week that I should not be concerned. Any time anything happens in Arizona people stock up on ammunition. Does that make you feel better?

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