South East Iceland

We woke to talk of hurricanes. Some of our group feared we would be stuck at our hotel. Our leaders decided it was safe to go. Icelanders have experience with wind. We had been told that in Iceland they have as many windless days as sunny days. Almost none in other words.

We were also told that Iceland is the 3rdwindiest place in the world and no one lives in the other two. Hoping that our motor coach was not blown off the road we headed out onto the narrow roads of Iceland. And we lived to talk about it.

There was ash in this day that we were told came from the Highlands. Because of deforestation, the soil has largely washed away exposing a lot of volcanic ash all over Iceland. Because it is so windy, much of the ash blows around the country.

We continued to see waterfalls and I continued to photograph them from the bus. The hillsides were gorgeous.

I really wondered if Iceland was the most beautiful place in Europe. Until now I thought that position was held by Switzerland or Croatia. Iceland belongs in that conversation. It might be the most beautiful. once again because stops were few and far between I kept photographing from inside the bus. Beggars can’t be choosers.

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