Sedona: The Most Beautiful Place in the USA

Stef and his friend Charli

After our short visit to Montezuma Castle, wwe continued our journey to Sedona. In 2002 USA Today Weekendmagazine officially declared Sedona “the most beautiful place in the country.” I used to think this was mere boasting by local tourist shills, but when a national magazine crowns you the most beautiful place you have a right to be proud. And this pride is far from misplaced. Sedona is gorgeous. It is as simple as that.

I was really pleased that Stef and Charli chose to visit Sedona. Any excuse to come here is all right with me. I love Sedona. Sedona is a special place. Maybe there is truth to the claims that there are spiritual vortexes here. And not just for charlatans either. Why not?

Our first stop was at the Visitor Centre where they also have some outstanding rock formations. We saw Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and Cathedral Rock. The latter we saw again later from the west side.

I will never forget the first time I came here after a partners meeting in Phoenix. I drove in with one of the partners while everyone else drove back home. We were both stunned by the beauty of the place. I remember phoning Chris and saying to her, ‘we have to come back here next year, for you have to see it.’ It really is that beautiful. And today was on exception.

Today, the skies were brilliant blue. The air was clean. The temperature was cool but pleasant for walking around. And the red rocks for which the area is famous  were spectacular. It was a great day!

Later we drove into town and took some photographs, including a team picture, from the airport. They now charge a $3 fee, which we thought was quite reasonable. The light for all our photos was wonderful, though a few happy little clouds would have been nice. The airport has a great overview of the city nestled into the valley between stunning red rocks. It was a great place for a team photo.

We also stopped to see and photograph the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Few churches have a more spectacular setting.



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