Resurrection in a Graveyard

Chris and I went for a drive 2 days ago.  We are starting to recognize again, that it might be a long time before we can travel. Even the fact that each of us has vaccines won’t change that any time soon. So it was time to get out in nature.

My goal was to drive to Birds Hill Park and see three-flowered avens. From that perspective the jaunt was a dud. There were no avens to be found. At least there were none where I drove and walked.   We did see a Harrier Hawk above us, scouting its next meal.

After failing to find avens, I suggested plan B.  If the world gives you lemons, make the joy of prairie crocuses.  I would try to find Sunnyside Cemetery not far away.  I had not been there for more than 10 years and knew it was a good place for avens. To Chris’s astonishment and my mild surprise, I found it. My memory for once worked.

It was a beautiful day for a trip to a graveyard. We found nature there. We found some fat and happy crocuses. This was surprising since just the day before  this graveyard would have been covered in snow. The day we were there all the snow was gone. And there were these magnificent flowers.  Can any other place compare to these gorgeous spring flowers? I think not. It was extraordinary. One day later and spring came back to life. It was resurrection in the graveyard! It was the extraordinary beauty of a Manitoba spring. Flowers were springing out of the ground  like a miracle. It was resurrection day.

I spent about an hour photographing these magnificent flowers. It was the start of wildflowers in Manitoba. Life had returned to the prairies. Life was good again. It really was resurrection day.


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