The Pontificator’s Hot Tub

One day at the pool we were sad to see the return of the Pontificator-in-Chief. He is an extremely opinionated right wing evangelist. He has boisterous, bellicose, and offered belligerent opinions that he loves to share with a voice so loud it can be heard across the pool. In fact, if he is the hot tub his is the only voice that is audible. Why is it such opinionators have such loud voices? I have to be careful in asking that question because I have a loud voice, but I don’t think my opinions are as extreme, but I recognize that extremism is in the eye of the beholder. In this case we were amused to see that within minutes of mouthing off the hot tub was vacated as fast as if he had shouted “Water Snake.”

4 thoughts on “Pontificator-in-Chief

  1. Your solution is a confederated filibuster. You and a ‘plant’ rebuff every attempt by him to change the topic. You doggedly circle back to your obscure, arcane, tedious subject. I have become so good at it, I can clear out an entire Tim Hortons in just a few minutes of talking about my latest short story ideas and asking for beta readers. If you want, just hold up the phone and I’ll start droning on about deep POV or some other God-awful yawn-inducer and he will scramble out of that pool faster than you can say, “narrative arc!”

    One does what one can.

  2. Haha Hans! I have a loud voice too but I haven’t noticed people leaving the pool in haste. Therefore I’m concluding that my trivial topics of conversation are much more interesting and fun! 😂

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