Northern Iceland is Seldom seen.


It is a pity that few tourists in Iceland see the north part.  It is beautiful and thanks to the Gulf Stream is actually the warmest part of the country.


We spent 2 days exploring the are around Akureyri.  It is wonderful area.


Of course I am a wild flower guy, so I had to pay attention to them even in Iceland. They were extremely hard to photograph because it as so windy. Someone said, “Iceland is the third windiest country in the world and no one lives in the first two.”

Few people visit the north. That is a pity.

I was very surprised how beautiful Iceland was, even though friends who had been tried to tell me.

I can hardly wait to go back to Island

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  1. I just love your wildflower pictures. You need to make cards with them or something. Hey! Maybe you should do a photo exhibit at the Cultural Arts Centre in Steinbach. Honestly your stunning photos need to be shared with a wider audience.

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