Money doesn’t Talk; it Swears

Last week, in his State of the Union address,  President Donald Trump said the American economy is booming, unless politics, foolish wars, or ridiculous investigations interfere. He was referring of course to the many investigations of him and his campaign, including the Mueller inquiry and numerous investigations launched by the House of Representatives now that the Democrats are in the majority. Really the essence of Trump’s argument is that because the economy is doing well no one should interfere with him no matter what he has done. This is the same attitude he has to the Saudi Arabian assassination of American resident and Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi. After all they Saudis have invested billions in buying American arms. Is that not reason enough not to interfere in anything they have done, no matter how despicable?  Because millions of people continue to support Trump, and even think his State of the Union Address was “presidential”, it shows to all that America is morally bankrupt.  Dylan was right, “money doesn’t talk it swears.”

2 thoughts on “Money doesn’t Talk; it Swears

  1. johnny

    if only the money obsession was limited to amerika.
    down there in the sunshine and warmth of la cosa nostra land you have forgotten where you come from. the stony brook has been chasing cash money for at least 100 years, at least since the town did some urban planning, got rid of the original village design in the 20s or so, and eventually began the worship of the motor car. they have given up everything for the sake of the loonie, and bought the amerikan evangelical rationalization of same. whole hog. remember it is the evangelicals who put the trumpster in office, prayer breakfasts and all.

    the problem of fear is well beyond political matters, refugees, etc. beneath it lies virtually universal anxiety, far less defined than fear, about something ill defined.
    capital is radical and rapacious. everything is destroyed – culture, religion, family, the land, etc. people know in some vague way that the game is up. pop culture is overflowing with armageddon. unconsciously the species know that homo sapiens sapiens is threatened. and so fundamentalist religion of the hindu, buddhist, judaic, muslim, and xian varieties is surging even as religion in general is dying.

    “gird the loins. pray without ceasing.”

    1. Sometimes I wonder if capitalism (by that I mean the modern industrial state including places like China, the Soviet Union, etc.) is anti-life. I just heard that insects are dying at a rate much faster than previously thought. 2 &1/2 % per year. And insects to many seem unimportant. After all who would not be willing to do with a few less mosquitos every year? But insects are fundamentally important to the natural world and we are destroying them along with birds, mammals, and ocean creatures. What is left that we re not destroying? Billionaires perhaps. I must concede your point too that I come from a town where money is worshipped. You preach doom and gloom but I find little that points towards salvation. i wish I could come up with some examples of light and life at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps one of my faithful readers can help us out. Until then, all the best good sir.

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