Male Dominance: a Dying Ideology


There have been more discussions of the ongoing mess in the Catholic Church. Recently the highest Catholic yet was found guilty of sexually assaulting young boys. The mess never seems to stop.

It is my belief that this will never stop until the Catholic Church democratizes and adds women as full members including giving them the right to become priests. The bishops just don’t catch on. Pope Francis called a meeting of cardinals and bishops to discuss the issue in Rome. What took so long?

We heard a leading Catholic bishop from Chicago discuss the issue. He acknowledged that women had to play an important role in the church. He said before he makes any important decisions he always asks for advicefrom women in the church.  The bishop did not realize that this is not good enough. The reason is that he“decides.”  Women can give advice but only men decide.  That is a big difference.

The Roman Catholic Church needs transformation and until male dominance is ended it will never learn. The sickness in the church will continue. It is in its DNA. Male dominance must collapse or the church will.

I still remember seeing a portrait of the board of directors of T.E. Eaton’s and Sons just before they went bankrupt. Each and every member of the board was a man. Not one woman. Most of them, if not all, were also white. No one took into consideration that most shoppers are women. So how could women’s views be important? To me it was not surprising that a company that had been dominant in Canadian retail shopping went belly-up after 110 years in business. Could the same happen to the Catholic Church? Why not?

Male dominance is a dying ideology. It can’t die fast enough. It won’t be missed.

2 thoughts on “Male Dominance: a Dying Ideology

  1. This could be your best post ever Hans! Men have had their chance to run the world and they have done a dismal job! It’s time to give women a chance. The New Zealand prime minister has just given us a wonderful example of what a true leader looks like.

    1. Thanks. I hate to throw my own gender under the bus, but I think it has come down to that. I was amazed at how fast New Zealand under her leadership banned the guns that were used in the killing. What possible reason could there be to retain them? John Lennon said’ give peace a chance.’ Maybe it is time to ‘give women a chance.’ They can’t muck things up more than we did.

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