I do not hate Rich people

I want to make one thing clear–I do not hate rich people. Some of my best friends are rich. At least I think they are rich. Perhaps this is just jealousy speaking. I do not advocate class war of poor against rich. What I object to though is rich people using their considerable power and influence to bend the minds of our politicians to change everything in their own favor and to their own advantage at the expense of poor people. Poor people by definition don’t have the power that rich people have. As a result they can’t convince politicians to do what is good for them, like rich people can. This is inherently unfair. It is also inherently undemocratic.

This is why I despise plutocracy–i.e. government for the rich. That is what the Americans are moving towards at warp speed. Canadians too but at a slower pace. This is particularly true now that rich people have elected one of their own–Donald Trump–as their personal savior. And he is serving them well, even though he convinced a lot of working class people that he was their personal savior. He is not. He is doing everything he can to help his cronies and he is doing it on a massive scale and it is being done at the expense of everyone else.

What I really object to is rich people who forget that their wealth is not solely the product of their own genius, but more often than not, has been contributed to greatly by ordinary people. Rich people have benefited from the commons–i.e. those things we have created for the benefit of all, or have set aside for the benefit of all. This includes things like an educational system, a financial system, and nature itself.

I despise it when rich people think it is all for them to do with as they please without any thought for those who are less fortunate than they are. These are the vulnerable people who can vote for Donald Trump but can’t really influence him too much after that. For example, when I see rich Americans gleefully take billions in tax breaks at the expense of medical care for poor people, I am disgusted. Is it not disgusting? Poor and vulnerable people are being plucked to the bone at this time particularly in the United States at this time the rich people are doing exactly that. They are reaping what they sowed. For the rest it is just too bad. They can suck socks.

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