Husband Daycare Centre



In Reykjavik we  walked the streets looking at churches and eventually found a bar.But this was not just a bar!  This was a Day center for Husbands. What a great idea! Women could leave their husbands safely at a bar under careful supervision while they went shopping. This is called win-win.


Island (Iceland) really is civilized. In so many ways.  This day centre was filled, mainly with men, but not exclusively. The people were watching a World Cub game from Russia with great enthusiasm

I think we should lobby the federal government to provide full support to men to attend Day Care. It would be good for society.


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  1. Awesome notion! I would recommend one small yet significant change for us fugal Mennos. This may sound misogynistic but it is really just a culturally inclusive modification. Instead of shopping, the women go to work!

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