Fisherman’s Wharf and the keen pleasure of flaunting success



After we finished our glorious day at Butchart Gardens we drove into Victoria to visit Fisherman’s Wharf. We had been told this was a ‘must see.’

I have to tell you something odd about me.  I don’t like to go boating, except for gentle rides on a calm day.  Nothing exciting. I prefer my excitement on land. I don’t want to own a boat. I did at one time, but I think the happiest day of my life is when I got rid of that boat. I would be willing to sit on a boat on a calm day and sip a glass or rum. Or get a ride on a boat with a competent Captain on smooth seas. Rough waters are not for me.  I am not scared of water. I have swum all my life and always love that. It’s just that boating is not really for me. I guess that makes me a landlubber.

Notwithstanding all that, I love wharfs and harbours. I have no idea why that is the case. I love to walk on the dock and look at the boats. I just don’t want to own one.

Frankly house boats are the same.  I love to look at them but don’t want to own one. There were many elaborate house boats here in Victoria. I assumed that many people actually lived on them. They looked cute, but I would not want to live on one. Why live on a boat?

Here the house boats had another disadvantage. People like me!  I came walking on the dock with no thought in mind other than snooping.  I did not see a single person sitting on the outside of his or her boathouse sipping a rum on this gorgeous day. Where were they?  Hiding inside to keep away from snoops like me? I would be doing that if I owned one. How boring is that?

I assumed that these people had one pleasure in mind when they bought such a house boat. Flaunting their wealth.  Flaunting success gives a keen pleasure.


Fisherman’s Wharf is a floating boardwalk with an entire neighbourhood of floating houses painted in vibrant colours including cool pinks, lavenders, and blues. There are, of course, restaurants and bars aplenty.

It was a beautiful place on a beautiful day.

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