Excitement at Home

Frankly, old guys, like should not have too much excitement anymore You never know what will happen. Last night in the storm we had some real excitement.  We were sitting quietly at home last night meeting with friends on Zoom. The only way we can meet these days.  We noticed the rain and wind pick up.  The wind felt like a tornado.  Then briefly this incredibly  huge tree that had been in our backyards for decades caught the wind and crashed down. A tiny box of flowers remained on the outdoor table unimpressed,  but this giant succumbed to the forces of nature.  How the mighty can fall. .


I say it crashed down but we never even heard it. We were extremely grateful that it very narrowly missed our house, just nicking the corner of our garage roof and gutters.  This was about the only place this tree could come down on our lot without causing major damage.  Had it crashed into the house it might even have harmed us. Too close for comfort.



Like Paul Simon said “It was the time of miracle and wonder.”

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