Classic Books

For a long time I have wanted to re-read some of the classic books. After all why have I kept all these books for so many years? I hope I did not keep them just to show off. God no one is fooled.

Vladimir Nabokov once said ‘you have not read a book until you have re-read it.” I agree. I am not sure how exactly this will go, but it will go something like this. I intend to read at least one classic of literature or philosophy or maybe even a long poem. I promise myself I will read at least one each year.

This is hard, because I always seem to have a long stack of books to read. Then kind people offer to lend me one of their books too. Together it all seems impossible.

I am doing this not just because I’m going broke. Although that is a pretty good reason. Why buy a book if I have a classic well worth reading again right here at home? Always a good question but I am confident these great books will be worth it.

The key is that I am confident these books will offer something worth while again. That’s why they are classics!

So I will intersperse my “normal” reading with a classic from time to time. There will be no straight line between these books. I won’t start with the oldest or the best. But they will all be good. I will meander through those books.

I hope to post my first one soon.

I think this will be fun.

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