Chris is not convinced that I am a genius.

This may not surprise. Chris is not convinced that I am a genius.  When the smoke alarms kept ringing, my “solution” was to rip out the offending alarm. Guess what? It did not work. The alarms actually bleep without being hooked up to electricity. How can that be? Seems crazy to me, but its not fake news.  Added to that, I have only been here 2 weeks and I have already figured out how to use the coffee maker. It has taken extreme diligence on my part but I did it! Yet despite these successes, she really does not think I am a genius.

5 thoughts on “Chris is not convinced that I am a genius.

  1. Crazy is when the smoke alarm recites passages from “The Inferno” to you. I applaud your man-of-action approach, Hondo. Spare no bleeting smoke alarm, say I.

    Congrats on the coffee maker – bean there.

  2. There are times when our mates are blind to our accomplishments. Here’s another example. Laverne doesn’t believe that I’m an athlete although I am constantly walking to and from the car.

  3. Well Chris clearly has a blind spot! Vogt and genius are synonyms- does she need more proof than 2 weeks to master a coffee machine thingy? Sheesh!

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