British Columbia: Supernatural


British Columbia—Land of: Wine, Hippies, Bennet Buggies, Lotusland, Dippies, Marijuana, Free love, bumper stickers, politics on your sleeve, craft beer, Gluten free, Going Green, artists, Bountiful B.C., Supernatural, Goats on a Roof, Hippies, Doukhobors, Social Credit, Freedom, vortex, tea readings, the end of the world, superstition, gentleness, mountains, Trees that talk, Crazy politics, Eclectic curmudgeons, Happy eccentrics, Aging hippies, Slow food, forest bathing, waterfalls, snow tires required by law, cider, Crazy Canucks, Stanley Park, Chain stores not allowed, Whacky tobbacky, Tie Dye Shirts that talk, Rain forests, West Coast Casual, Vegans and various nuts and bolts that have rolled down from the eastern seaboard.

My kind of place

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