Hit below the Bible Belt


Winkler, the Manitoba city with one of the lowest rates of vaccine uptake, in part because of defiance, now has the highest rate of Covid-19. Is this justice or just the natural result of the defiance of science? Active cases of Covid-19 in Winnipeg and Manitoba have bumped up considerably after a few weeks of low numbers . Manitoba has become the hot spot for Covid-19 in North America. Malak Abas in the Winnipeg Free Press pointed out how Winkler recently had an anti-vaccine rally. Was this the superspreader event? Or has God abandoned his fans? Someone once said the worst thing about Jesus was his followers. He might have a point.


Winkler and its surrounding area is well known for it religious zeal among conservative Christians in particular. Sort of like Steinbach. These two towns compete vigorously for the crown. Winkler does not like to be called part of the Bible Belt. Nor Steinbach.  Why is that? Should they not be proud of the label? Mayor Martin Harder of Winkler says that some of his people see wearing a mask as a sign of submission? Submission to what? Science?

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