From a Dark Place


I have had a very interesting week in a very dark place. It started off on Saturday morning with breakfast with friends. I felt listless–drained of energy. We socially distanced in the restaurant but did take off our masks to eat and drink as allowed by Manitoba Health guidelines. The restaurant obeyed all the protocols as far as we could tell. But my energy level was dropping. Something was wrong and I knew it. I started to fear the worst.


Our first Covid-19 vaccination was scheduled for Monday morning.  We definitely did not want to miss that. Yet I did appear to have some of the Covid symptoms. I had a slight sore throat, achy body feelings, slight breathing problems, but no fever. At least objectively I had no fever, but it sure “felt” like fever because of the sapped energy. I hoped they would go away by Monday morning. They did not. So I consulted with Shared Health Manitoba on Monday morning, explained the symptoms and was told me to cancel my vaccination appointment, which obediently I did. I have been to Obedience School for many years. Even worse we had to cancel Chris’ vaccination which she strongly desires to get before surgery. A delay was not attractive.


All week long I felt sapped of energy with the same symptoms. On Thursday I started to feel slightly better. There was some indication this might end. I zoom coffee with friends.


Friday, I got the very good news that my Covid-19 test result was negative. Thank goodness for that, but what do I have? I still feel weak. I did go out for a walk. It was my first exercise in a week. It felt great to be outdoors. What did I have? I have no clue. One friend suggested silent heart failure. Not a very pleasant alternative.

The best advice came from another friend who thinks he is a doctor after watching TV all these years. He suggested my body was suffering from alcohol starvation. This seems like a very logical to me and I will test out this year tonight and report back. I have high hopes and am not high.

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