Today I went dancing with an old woman


Yesterday (not really today)  I went dancing with an old woman. How could that happen? It seems impossible, but it is true. Chris–my lovely wife–turned 67. I am married to an old woman and she is married to an even older man. How that happens seems mysterious. I once heard it said, that no person ever wanted to be any younger than he or she was. I actually thought I believed that. Now I know that is a ridiculous statement.

Chris turned 67 and instead of me taking her out to a fancy restaurant, which I gallantly offered, she said she wanted to go dancing with friends at the local Golf Course terrace. Believe it or not, we have been doing that about once a week since we got here. I never thought I would do that either. But there it is.

What does it all mean? I don’t know. Perhaps we are just trying to fend off the grim reaper. Perhaps we are just trying to have fun. Perhaps Cyndi Lauper was right. Girls just wanna have fun. And old men too.

5 thoughts on “Today I went dancing with an old woman

  1. Good one. I saw the heading and I said to Ken, ‘He better not be referring to Chris!!’. You were….haha. Well, we are indeed not young. I’m 70 and I have no idea what to do with that number. Glad you’re both dancing!!

  2. My age number is constantly bouncing around in the back of my mind, and I wish it would stop. That number just seems to have so little in common with my reality, and yet, there it is. Oh well.

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