The Wonders of Social Media: Driving 2,000 miles to meet someone from Home


I got an email from Pauline Friesen an old friend from Steinbach that I have lost track of. I don’t know why we lost track of her and her husband Wes. It just happened. Thanks to modern social media–Facebook in this case–we have reconnected. We agreed to meet at their home in Mesa. We drove about 2,000 miles to meet friends from Steinbach that we really have not seen in about 45 years. Sometimes life is very strange.

He has learned everything about his pool. He is self-taught (with the help of Professor Google and online Pool School) but he did it. He is now an expert on swimming pools. He gained that expertise so he could handle any problem (almost) he encountered. If I had heroes, he would be my hero.

Wes actually is incredibly smart and wise, not least because of his choice of a partner. Pauline is a lovely and gracious person. It was fantastic to get together with these friends again. Thanks to social media we were lucky to reconnect. There are some good things about social media to go along with the many bad things.

Sometimes life is stranger than you can even imagine.

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