The Cabal



This secret group may not look dangerous, but governments, fish, and mean-spirited fanatics fear them. They meet about once every month or two in secret. No one really knows why. Not even the participants. The purpose of the meetings is not known but it is assumed they are up to no good. The only thing known about them is that they all went to High School together in Steinbach, Manitoba, in the same class nearly 50 years ago. That seems astonishing given how young and vigorous they appear.

They are known as The Cabal. Although labeled by some as miscreants they have always denied any connection to any insurrectionary forces. Unsurprisingly, no one has stepped forward to vouch for their good character. Some say they are the intellectual leaders of their generation. Others hint of rapidly approaching senility.

Only one thing is certain—they enjoy sposs. Sposs is fun that only Mennonites are permitted to have. Others don’t qualify. For the first time ever I shall (bravely) name them. They are from left to right: Dave Tiger Loewen, the spiritual leader of the group, Chris “Karlokoff” Toews, Lou Reimer, Larry “Clancy” Giesbrecht, John “Hans” Neufeld, and Paul Loewen.

Like Abou Ben Adhem may they go in peace.

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