On our tour around Iceland we stopped a wonderful little town called  Stöδvarfjörδur. Many of our group walked into Petra’s Stone and Rock Collection store.   A private individual had collected the stones over a life-time of rock collecting. Those who went to see the rock collection were also struck by the garden. We had not been told the garden was interesting. I did not regret my decision.

Walking in town was a serious challenge. I have never experienced wind like I did. I chose instead to walk through town since I thought it looked interesting and it had a very lovely church. I am a sucker for these churches.

The church had been turned into a guesthouse.

There was some art I thought was interesting painted on some buildings around town.


The town was very lovely and the wind did not blow me into the sea. Thank goodness for small mercies. The view across the bay was outstanding. Life was good. I had a fine time in this photogenic  little town.


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