Religious nuts are coming out of the woodwork: Obama blamed for Eclipse



I read about an American televangelist and survivalist Jim Bakker who blamed Obama for the eclipse of 2017. He said that God had been angered by 8 years of Obama’s presidency. That is an astonishing claim, since the sun went down during the Trump presidency. Why is that proof that God hated Obama instead of Trump? Some American religious nuts are just plain whacky.

Bakker claimed on his online radio show, “God came to me in a dream and said I should tell the world that I am plunging the world into darkness to remind people I’m still mad at the Obama years.” What did Obama do that was so bad (besides being black of course)? According to Bakker, “Obama legalized witchcraft, sexual deviants getting married and schools started teaching transgenderism.” He added that it would take 8 years of a Trump presidency to “get right with God.”

Billy Graham’s daughter Anne Graham Loetz saw the eclipse as a sure sign of rapidly approaching doom. Her brother Franklin Graham, remember, was one of the many Americans who accused Obama of being a Muslim. The crazies in America are really coming out of the woodwork.

Of course it is not entirely unreasonable to predict doom with Trump in the presidency. But to blame it all on Obama seems wildly irrational. Only in America.


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