Pseudocraters of Skútustaδagigar


We continued our exploration of the north part of Iceland. We saw more evidence of the the results of lava meeting water. We saw much of that at  Skútustaδagigar pseudocraters.

These were created when water was trapped under hot flowing lava and then boiled and burst up through the surface creating what look like volcanic cones. We stopped and went for a lovely stroll up the hill for a nice overlook of the region with its pseudocraters. We did not have time to take the long walk around

This area also had hordes of the tiny midges.  By Canadian standards these were tiny and feckless. (I have come to love that word.) These are actually found all around Lake Mývatn. By Manitoba standards the bugs were a minor nuisance, at least when we were there. After all insects that don’t bite are hardly fearful to people accustomed to black flies, no-see-ums, horseflies, deer flies and mosquitoes. Of course the insects attract predators and as result  birds in this region were abundant.

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