Ottawa is a pretty nice city. Of course it helps that people like you (Canadian taxpayers) pump so much money into it. Even Gatineau Park is funded by the National Capital Commission.  The government thinks Canadians want to have a nice capital region and are willing to pay for it.


Of course maple leaves come cheap and I can never resist them. Even in the city maple leaves are special.


I wonder why more people don’t visit Ottawa to get some personal benefits out of the city and region.


This photo was taken from the front of the National Gallery underneath Maman a bronze stainless steel and marble sculpture created by the Louise Bourgeois. Maman is a spider 30 ft. wide and includes a sac containing 32 marble eggs hence the name which means mother in French. I attended a wedding at the church when a young lawyer from our office in Steinbach got married there. You pick your own  interpretation of the church, flag and spider in the photo.

I think the Parliament buildings on the imposing bluff overlooking the Ottawa River are as impressive as any in the world. Currently they are undergoing more expensive renovations. I’m sure the Canadian taxpayers will be happy to pay.


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