Meandering from the Centre of Canada

It was time for more meandering. The destination this time was western Canada and maybe the western United States.

Just like so many other tourists we started our journey at the Centre of Canada. Is there any better place to start a trip to the West? Why do so many people stop there to do that? We don’t know but we did it too. We took selfies too. I just used a tripod to do it.

From that site Indigenous people from the Anishinabe and Cree nations lived for many years. The Anishinabe were more recent arrivals. It is also the traditional homeland of Métis and their descendants. It seemed like a wonderful place to begin our journey.

Our trip nearly ended about 30 minutes on the perimeter highway when a truck ahead of us nearly lost a trailer. It looked like only a safety chain kept it back from sliding right into us. That might have been disastrous. Fortunately nothing happened.

After that we were ready to meander.

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