Just a Garden Variety Drive-by Shooting


Chris and I intended to have our car obtain an oil change at Walmart but it was much too busy. We could not get in. The place was too busy as a result of the fact that at the other Walmart nearby, where we went for an oil change last year, someone was shot “multiple times.” That was how the police described it. Glad we were not there. It was  a drive-by shooting. I guess that is just a garden variety shooting around here.  Just goes to show how close we might be to violence here in Arizona. There are a lot of shootings in this country. That is a little disconcerting. Well,  I guess it was not that disconcerting. When we could not get in for an oil change we went to Starbucks for a latte and macchiato. No big deal. In After all, in Arizona shootings are no big deal.

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