G7 and Climate Change

As we drove towards B.C.  we heard on the radio that at the recent G7 talks when the subject of climate change came up on the last day, President Donald Trump left the room and the meetings.  There was nothing he felt he had to learn on the subject. He knew it all. The country that has emitted more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than any other country in the world is now led by a simpleton who does not understand the significant dangers of failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As the actions of the G7 countries are currently on track to lead to increased average global temperatures of 4°C rather than the agreed upon maximum of 2°C, with likely catastrophic results, the failure of the American President to take the issue seriously is profoundly unsettling. But no one should be surprised.

One thought on “G7 and Climate Change

  1. this issue is the younger generation’s civil rights and anti-war moment and they clearly are nowhere, caught in the headlights of their cell phones.
    the species is having difficulty admitting how far behind the eight ball it really is. so whether the yanqui are in or out is really not very germane.
    the canucks meanwhile cluck a lot while living off the catastrophe called alberta oil patch. much is made about whether the neanderthals in places like alberta, saskatchewan, manitoba, and ontario are going to sabotage justin’s carbon tax. the carbon tax is nowhere to begin with relative to the dimensions of the issue at hand for god’s sake.

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