Beauty like a bended bow


As W. B. Yeats put it, “Beauty like a bended bow.” In the poem as I recall it, he was referring to Helen of Troy whose face launched a thousand ships. Men sent to battle to get her back or keep her captive. That is what autumn is to me. It is a dangerous beauty.

Like us, autumn won’t last long. If only we can make a spectacular exit as autumn does each year.

The birches and aspen were gorgeous, particularly set off against a beautiful blue sky. What goes together better than bright yellow and brilliant blue? Not much.



2 thoughts on “Beauty like a bended bow

  1. he’s a poet, not just a photographer and philosopher.

    your striking photos are a good example of the profound ambiguity of “nature.” the landscape is completely “constructed.”

    1. Herr Doktor JR: this nature is pristine except for pruning. None of these trees were planted. I do not deny of course that human actions have not affected and even changed nature.

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