August 10, 2017 Zurich

Today after a brief nap to try to recover from jet lag,  we explored our hotel. It is called Mővenpick Zurich Airport. We quickly realized that we could not eat in our hotel. Food was too expensive. At the restaurant in our hotel a burger and fries cost 26 Swiss Francs. That is about $45! So we had a choice–bankruptcy or starvation. After a short huddle to consider those options we settled on bankruptcy. That appeared more attractive, because it takes a while to suffer the consequence of profligate spending. Starvation happens much fast. In lieu of pending financial ruin we want to warn all of our many friends to dig deep to help us out.

We basically stayed close to the hotel because we were too tired to do much. It was also gray and rainy. So we had little appetite for exploring the city today. We had plain run out of gas as a result of out grueling flight. Being wedged into a tiny seat without sleep is just hard. I went to sleep at 8 p.m. because I could not stay awake any longer. I really did not want to go to bed that early but frankly had no choice.

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