73 Million Americans voted for a Bully


Americans voted for a man with clear authoritarian if not fascist tendencies. As Conservative commentator and former speech writer for George Bush, David Frum, said, “we don’t realize how ready people are to enjoy the sight of cruelty. The Romans had a Colosseum for 50,000 to 60,000 people and it was filled several times a week for 350 years!”

According to Frum, when Trump ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2015 he was not a hypocrite. He did not pretend to be a good husband, or good father or even a good man. As Frum said, “He was frankly who he was—a bully. He was cruel and he was not ashamed of it. He invited you to enjoy it and a lot of people did.” It is not by accident that many authoritarian dictators are bullies. It almost goes with the territory.

Essentially, Fascism is the philosophy of the bully. Good examples were Hitler and Mussolini. They liked to pick on the weak and vulnerable to show how strong they were. Pick on Jews, or Slavs, or Homosexuals. People who couldn’t fight back.

Now we have a modern fascist—Donald Trump. He wanted to build a fence to keep out the Mexicans from America. Then he promised to make them pay for it. Then he had the idea to keep all Muslims out of America. In 21st century America Muslims are the new Jews. There is no easier target. They constitute only about 1% of the population of America, or less. So naturally that is who Donald Trump the Presidential candidate attacked. He is too cowardly to go after stronger groups.

At first I thought Trump was just a clown. I mocked his increasingly outrageous and increasingly inane comments. Now I know he is much worse than that, he is a fascist–i.e. he is a bully.

And that is what approximately 73 million people voted for in the U.S. in 2020—a bully. I think you can tell a lot about people by who they vote for.


3 thoughts on “73 Million Americans voted for a Bully

  1. once again, as of this morning the margin is still around 6 million. not 3.
    obama’s first victory was around 10, his second around 3. hilary’s “win” was around 3.
    i see no reason to willfully engage in inaccuracy. you know, truth and all.

  2. the six mill diff has now blossomed to 7 mill with 81 mill for smokey joe and the orange monster stuck at 74. it seems that is the difference between 98 and 99 percent of the vote counted.

    this appears to be before the new york state votes are in. a democratic state. so the gap will possibly blossom some more.

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