Working for Unbelievers


Sometimes we have to feel sorry for doctors. Think about the southern bible belt of Manitoba with compassion for doctors. According to the Winnipeg Free Press,

“Just over 40% of Winkler residents and less than 25% of Stanley residents (which is the rural municipality surrounding Winkler) have received at least one dose of the vaccine. as the region is experiencing the highest per capita infection rate in the province.”


Steinbach and its surrounding rural municipality, Hanover, is doing slightly better with vaccine uptake, but well below provincial averages. The rates of infection in Steinbach are also very high.

The paper interviewed a physician, Dr. Eric Lane, living in Winkler who was considering moving out of the community, because he feels under appreciated since so many of his patients are ignoring his sound advice to get vaccinated. Can you blame him? Dr. Lane said, “After attending births, deaths, cancers, and other health needs, most of my colleagues and I feel that our advice is no longer valued.” He’s right it isn’t valued. He said a number of his colleagues are considering moving away. It is easy for physicians do that, because they are needed everywhere. Unlike lawyers. It could be a big loss for the community. Communities need doctors or they can’t thrive. Or even survive.

That’s what happens when people get their medical advice from Dr. Google.

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