Trust in God or Science During a Pandemic


I come from a very religious community. At least a lot of people profess to be religious. Vaccine hesitancy has been occurring in a number of communities and some of them are also purportedly very religious. I might even say many of them.

I really cannot understand what religion has to do with vaccines.  Just like I cannot understand why it is a political issue either.  In my view, we should decide whether to take vaccines based on the best science available, even though that science is imperfect. I think it is the best tool we have when making such decisions.

Recently, a woman near Winkler, another religious community told CBC news, why she was not going to take the vaccine. The woman replied, “I trust in God. I trust he’ll get us through this.”  I wonder if she takes the same attitude when she drives a car. If she needs spectacles to drive safely, would she leave them at home when she drives because she trusts in God? Does she lock her door when she leaves the house or does she trust God to keep the burglars away? Does it show a lack of trust to lock the door?

What does God have to do with it? I would say nothing.

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