Southern Health: Black Sheep of the Family


By now everyone in Manitoba knows the black sheep of the Covid family can be found in the Southern Health District where I live.


As Katie May and Carol Sanders reported in the Winnipeg Free Press: “The 14.5 per cent test positivity rate in the Southern Health region, revealed in provincial data Friday, is triple the province wide number.”

According to the health professionals this also means that there is more Covid-19 in the Community than they previously thought. Southern Health might be singled out for greater restrictions than the other regions of the province. Even though I am from Southern Health and am doubled vaxxed, I must admit that this makes sense.

For weeks now, not just a couple of days the rate of new infections has as high or higher than Winnipeg even though it has 5 times our population.  We are 5 times as likely to get infected in our district than Winnipeg! We also have the lowest rates of vaccine uptake in Manitoba.  It is clear as can be that vaccine are working. not perfectly but enough to be a life saver!

Our regions has been bad. We are the black sheep of the family. Why should the rest of the province risk contamination from us? Can you blame them if they don’t want to? Can anyone blame them if they want to impose greater restrictions on us?

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