Should we discriminate against Vaccine resisters?


I like Jimmy Kimmel. He is a funny. I don’t like vaccine resisters so much. Jimmy  had a funny rant on his show the other day. Here it goes as far as I got it:

“Now that the CDC has announced that with few exceptions vaccinated Americans don’t need to wear masks indoors, and since they did that there has a been a sharp increase in fake vaccination cases. Searches for fake vaccination calls are up more than 1,100% which is gross. Lets start calling these vaccine avoiders what they are—freeloaders! The only reason you are somewhat safe now is because other people got the shot. You’re the person who  who heads for the bathroom when the check comes in the restaurant. You’re the lady who takes home the centrepiece from a wedding you weren’t invited to.  You’re the guy that brings 5 napkins to a pot luck dinner. That’s you! You don’t know it, but that’s you.”


I agree with Jimmy. Now people claim vaccine passports discriminate against them, when they chose not to be vaccinated with free vaccine and let others take the risks of getting vaccinated. Some businesses for example, don’t want to let people in who have not been vaccinated. Why should they?  That’s not discrimination! That’s justice! We should discriminate against them.

Each of these people who declined to get vaccinated of their own choice increased the chances of the rest of us getting covid-19. Each of these vaccine resisters increased the chances of the coronavirus mutating into more dangerous variants of the virus even to the extent that the new variants might not be hindered by the vaccines we took. Each of them increased the risks of the coronavirus being passed on to us so that we could get sick (even very sick) and perhaps die because they were possibly going around without symptoms. In other words each of these vaccine resisters endangered the lives of all of us. Frankly, if they were just risking their own lives I wouldn’t care. Each one of these resisters also increased the chances that our health system would be overwhelmed which we are now experiencing in Manitoba. At least 18 Manitoba covid patients are now in hospitals s outside the province because people took unnecessary chances, such as not taking their vaccine. All of us are now paying a heavy price for that. Covid resisters are partly responsible for this. They took reckless chances and now are paying a price. Let them pay it.

We have the right to discriminate against these people just like we have the right to discriminate against drunk cab drivers and just like we have the right to take a ride from them no matter what the colour of their skin.

I say let them suck socks.

2 thoughts on “Should we discriminate against Vaccine resisters?

  1. Yes, socks.

    Just like I agree bullets for “machine guns” should be $1000 apiece (a Chris Rock concept) I think that vaccinations in the future should be outside of health care and expensive as hell. So: get your FREE vaxx now or risk having to pay later — later when sporting events, concerts, job applications, etc. eventually require proof of vaccination and the sharp vendors selling vaccines will charge massive fees in a seller’s market.

    1. Sorry for delay in responding. You have spoken like an achta Mennonit. Make it about the money, what they really care about.

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