Nearing the End?

Are we nearing the end of the pandemic?  It is too early to tell, but there are some encouraging signs.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, a woman of quiet wisdom I have found, as well as a conservative person not given to making radical statements (unlike some impetuous bloggers) said,

“cases have started levelling off as more people get vaccinated and after public health measures were reintroduced in August and September to slow transmission. It’s the first time since July where the pandemic does not appear to be in a growth pattern for the country.”


We must remember she did not go any further than that. After all she is a careful, prudent scientist. Not some blathering blogger. But you can’t blame us for getting excited after 18 months of pandemic.

Dr. Tam also mentioned that Saskatchewan and Alberta had the highest rates of Covid among the provinces. She also mentioned that according to Public Health Agency data areas of the country that were hardest hit recently were those who eliminated rules on mask wearing and gathering sizes too early while not enough people had been vaccinated against Covid-19.

I wish more people in Canada understood this and trusted our top health officials instead of getting their public health advice from personal research on the Internet. Too many people think medicine is easy and that 7 years or more of medical education is not needed to evaluate the science of vaccines.



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