Abortions and the Majority


A lot of people think the Democrats in the US don’t have a chance of winning the upcoming midterm elections in the US or the next presidential race. They might be right.  But I wonder if they should try a new approach. A surprising new approach. After all, do they have anything to lose?


According to conservative commentator Andrew Sullivan, the recent US Supreme court decision in Dobbs is an opportunity for the people on the left and the centre. He says, “they should call the religious right’s bluff.” The majority of the people don’t want what the religious right wants. The Democrats should campaign on that. They can get lots of support. Biden is in the doldrums. He should leap at this chance to hammer on the conservatives. Sullivan says they should make Americans realize the consequences of a ban on abortions. Few Americans want that. They should make the Republican pay!


Sullivan says that no country has a constitutional protection for the right to an abortion. Canada certainly does not have it. No one in Canada cares. Even the conservative party that contains many who would love to follow the American right and ban abortions are too scared to even hint that this is what they want. My own MP Ted Falk is basically blocked from discussing this by his party leadership because they know the liberals in Canada would make a lot of hay if he “came out of the closet.”


It is the same with gay marriage. 70% of Americans now support gay marriage!  They are getting used to it. The Republicans can’t ban it. It would be political suicide. The Democrats should jump on this. This is their golden opportunity. Liberals have to be bold or they don’t stand a chance.

It’s time to attack the extreme right and the closely allied radical Christians head on. This is not an opportunity to be missed. Democrats should not shrink from the challenge. They might be surprised at how popular this view would be.

Culture war is a multiparty war.


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