Covid in the Age of Extremes


In this day and age of extreme polarization and extremism, people who distrust authority, and there are surprisingly many of those, may be subjected to extreme abuse. For example, recently I heard about a case where a Republican politician who voted to impeach Trump, was told by someone that that the politician was going to hell and he could hardly wait to get to heaven to observe the politician fry.  Stop for a moment and think about what a monstrous god would provide such heinous entertainment for his faithful adherents.  Some people actually believe in such a God. I am sure some people have been met with similar abuse from people who don’t trust the medical authorities and think their God will inflict similar punishment on the perceived miscreants health care professionals.

Recently I read about a physician who had been abused as a Nazi in response to an opinion he gave online about vaccines. The physician also said he had been called a murderer and other “disgusting names” by Twitter trolls. These days people who step out into the limelight with their opinions often are greeted by such extreme views. We live in the age of extremes.

CBC journalist, Ian Hanomansing, has written a book about physicians who have stepped up to the plate to help and guide people in order to combat the lies, paranoia, fairy tales, and fake news that is out there. These physicians are helping individuals through these trying times as they face threats to their physical and mental health but are rewarded by bilious abuse. Yet these health care professionals heroically soldier on.


As Hanomansing said of these heroes,

“They (and other like them),  are our defence against the offensive and pin-brained voices of prejudice, pseudoscience, nonsensical advice, quackery, witchcraft and religious zealotry.  And they continue to inform and reassure us despite personal attacks on their character and well-being.”

When zealotry rules, everyone should run for cover.

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